Our Trainers

Chris Griffin

Being active has always been a part of my life. During my Air Force career I was part of tactical training and team sports, I was also tasked with helping airmen pass their fitness assessments. I started personal training in 2015 and in 2020 graduated from a physical therapy assistant program. I also have training in Gua Sha (muscle scrapping) and cupping. My hobbies include hiking, rec sports, skiing, and Olympic lifting.

I want to promote lifelong health to my Seattle community through mobility, conditioning and functional strength. My goal is to provide safe progressive training tailored to your goals, whether it be sports related or overall strength and fitness.

My approach to fitness emphasizes fitness level appropriate programming with a specific focus given to mobility and strength training in combination with balance and flexibility training. I establish long-term client interactions with the goal of integrating exercise and optimal wellness into the demands of daily life.


Chris Griffin
Phone/Text: (206) 930-5800


Mike Harms

I wasn’t much of an athlete when I was growing up. I remember taking those physical fitness tests at school and feeling embarrassed by my results.

Fortunately, I found fitness later in my life. I started running and lifting weights, slipping out of my job at lunchtime for midday workouts. The effects of those strength and cardio workouts were incredibly empowering. I felt stronger, healthier and happier.

When I considered a career in the fire service, I even earned a perfect score on my old nemesis – the physical fitness test. I was hooked on physical training.

I know that fitness can transform lives. I’ve seen it and I’ve experienced it. A strong and healthy body makes us feel more confident, helps protect us against disease and empowers us to be our best selves. I love being a part of someone’s transformation to a stronger and healthier self.


Mike Harms
EnhanceFitness Master Trainer
SilverSneakers Instructor